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Post by Joanna on Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:55 am

Things to improve:

  • Toolbar at the top. Something about it seems off, maybe it's too big? I also want to change what links it shows and the appearance of the drop down menus.
  • Header. That text is grossly off-center and the space is overly plain. Maybe a banner should be made?
  • Icons. A lot of the icons (showing new posts, locked topics, etc) are pretty plain, maybe custom ones should be made. I like the idea of something close to this: Site Things to Improve I_folder_big
  • Legend. A legend at the bottom of the page showing what icon indicates what.
  • Buttons. A lot of these buttons are so plain or even kind of hard to read because the shades are too similar.
  • Post box. The post box is weirdly formatted, too much space for the profile.
  • Make profiles more functional. Maybe changing the way Visitor Messages operate.
  • Smilies. The current selection of smilies are, uh, not so great. Maybe making some better ones or more functional ones is a good idea.
  • Favicon. This site needs it's own logo (the logo next to the URL or tab name)
  • Homepage. A home page would be nice. Maybe something that has some text and images explaining the club and then the announcements go below?

If you have any comments on the list or think of something that should be added, let me know.

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